​Investigative and security services are our specialty. It is what our staff members have done for over 60 combined years of public safety service.

​​A unique level of expertise BGI brings to safety and security is our significant amount of experience with private security and law enforcement collaboration. 

Over the course of my career I witnessed numerous companies whose reputation and brand suffered significant long term damage due to theft, negligent hiring and negligent retention of employees.

Do not let this happen to you!

Coordinated Services

In any organization there are instances where fraud, misconduct or crimes occur, and must be dealt with. In order to ensure a thorough, confidential, and an unbiased investigation, engaging the services of a trained and experienced outside investigator or security specialist is recommended.

You may currently have staff members assigned to handle your internal investigations. Often such tasks are assigned to HR staff members. BGI has years of experience in coordinating with HR staff during investigations and consulting on solution development. With BGI you still have full control over the desired outcome.

Knowing Where and When

  • Outsourcing internal investigations eliminates bias and removes politics from the situation.
  • Allows your business to maintain the manpower needed to operate effectively, as well as, ensuring a thorough investigation. 
  • A third party is able to provide objectivity and brings specialized skills to the inquiry.​

Emergency Planning

No business should be caught in a situation where they have not developed emergency response plans to man-made or natural disasters. 

Civil litigation initiated by victims who feel they were not trained and prepared could decimate a company and it's reputation.

BGI staff members have received FEMA National Emergency Management Training for all levels, from first responders to executive leadership. We have been involved in staged and non-staged emergency management drills and situations.  We have developed, implemented, and managed major event plans on multiple occasions.

BGI Services:

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Outsourcing Your Security Needs To BGI Makes Good Business Sense.

Most businesses cannot support nor justify the expense of in-house security personnel. However, every business small or large could benefit from experienced investigative and security services. Whether it is developing emergency response plans, background investigations, executive protection, or conducting internal investigations, there are many ways BGI can add value to an organization.

When you decide to partner with BGI, you will have access to sophisticated security services at a fraction of the cost of in-house security. Our first priority is to learn about the client and determine their needs and expectations. 

“Your team did an AWESOME job Chris, and it was a great pleasure working with you, Renee, and Ryan.  Very professional and you gave us exceptional attention and service.”


Once contacted, BGI staff will discreetly respond to the client’s business and maintain a high level of decorum while performing security services. We understand the business bottom line must be maintained at all times.​​ Equally as essential, we understand how important a motivated workforce is and work diligently to ensure our tactics do not destabilize an otherwise cohesive working environment.

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In 2014 the average cost to maintain one in-house security professional was $85,425.

With BGI you only pay when you need us!!